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Our products use “natural plant fiber” the earth of the great reproducibility biological polymer resources for the production of raw materials, made into environmental protection hard tableware, product besides have other materials of tableware advantage sex outside, but also a harmless to human body health, can replace the plastic and melamine materials of tableware best “green products”.

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  • Natural plant material, such as bamboo powder, cornstarch, rice husk, etc....
  • This exclusive technology which is creating the green tableware is combining solid-state supramolecular science, green chemistry, condensed matter physics, science materals, supercritical fluid technology and also organic synthesis.
  • Bamboo fiber tableware & PLA tableware are able to biodegrade. The biodegradation begins when the product is being exposed to a natural environment. 

The products are subject to the implement international environmental 3R concept:

  • Reuse-the use of bamboo fiber & PLA tableware in the right way up in will be able to re-use for many years.
  • Reduce-the biodegradability function of bamboo fiber tableware will active when the product will be discard into a natural environment, it can reduce pollution and also reduce dependence on the earth’s resources.
  • Recycle-recycling the waste burden on the earth, through freen high-tech aggregation for the daily necessities.


What is PLA ?

PLA or Polylactic acid, is derived from renewable resources such as corn, wheat, sweet potatoes, and other crops. From these materials, starch is extracted and undergoes a fermentation process, along with other polymerization processes, to produce a biodegradable material. All processes involved are non-toxic.

Our company sells PLA tableware, containing PLA made in NatureWorks,USA and HISUN, China. The field corn used to make the PLA is " already grown for many industrial & functional end-uses. In North America, corn has been used first it is most economically feasible source of plant starches." All products biodegradable naturally in landfills and are compostable in industrial composting facilities.

PLA tableware is designed as a healthy alternative to petroleum-based products for you and your children. The plate, bowls, and utensils are extremely durable, with a lifespan of approximately 5 years. They are non-toxic, BPA free, PVC free, phthalate-free, and do not contain plasticizers or heavy metals. The tableware is top-shelf dishwasher-safe. Not recommended for microwaves or for use with temperatures over 120°C



Why Use Bamboo Fiber & PLA tableware? Benefits of Eco tableware

  • Use plant fiber which is Eco-friendly & biodegradable
  • Compared with ceramic-----Durable & unbreakable
  • Compared with Plastic-----Non-toxic, BPA free
  • Compared with Melamine----Formaldehyde free
  • Compared with Bamboo----Anti-Bacterial.